Having up-to-date information is especially important right now as we are just starting to see the impact on university admissions, campus visits, and application deadlines. College Ascent will help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.   

I can take the stress out of the college planning. My knowledge of colleges and the application process will result in a streamlined, personalized approach to meet your family’s needs. I will also break up the tasks so they don’t seem overwhelming. With deadline management, up-to-date information, and my extensive experience, I can help bring sanity to your household! 

As soon as 9th grade you can begin to manage your curriculum, find enrichment opportunities, and start to create a plan to best position yourself for your future application process. By junior year, you will be ready to build a college list and explore your post-secondary options in detail.

Together, we’ll consider location, interests, strengths, goals, and finances to find the best fit for you. Do you want a pep band or a top business program close to the beach? It’s out there!

From need-based aid to local and institutional merit-based scholarships, there are many sources for funding. And yes, cost should be a major factor when building the college list.  See the list of scholarship sites on the Resources page.

As an IEC, I can help students identify schools that are more likely to offer them a generous financial aid package. And when they choose the right school, they’re more likely to graduate on time. These achievements can keep college costs down by far more than what it costs to hire a consultant. For my students in the Class of 2020, cumulative merit scholarships totaled over $450k!  

Always focus on your own interests and passions. Don’t choose activities that you hope will stack your application. Think about duration and finding opportunities to take on a leadership role.  

Unless you are applying into a specialty field, most schools do not require you to declare a major before second semester sophomore year. If you don’t quite know yet what you want to study, I recommend looking at schools with extensive core requirements which gives you the opportunity to explore your interests while building credits.

That depends on your aptitude on each test, the requirements of the schools where you are applying, and whether taking the test will boost your application even at test-optional schools. Find and take a few practice tests to identify which will best display your strengths.  


Begin your ascent.