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Applying to college has never been more complicated or overwhelming. College Ascent is here to help parents and students navigate the process.

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Why work with a Certified Independent Education Consultant?

Independent Education Consultants (IECs) help students identify schools that will be a great fit financially, academically, and socially. In most cases, the financial advantages far outweigh the cost of hiring an IEC. For my students in the Class of 2020, cumulative merit scholarships totaled over $450k.

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College Ascent can help you find the schools that are most likely to offer you a generous financial aid package.


Even if you don’t know what to study, College Ascent can help you focus on programs that keep your options open.


We’ll look for schools with the right sports, clubs, and activities that will create your perfect college experience.  

I'm Britt.

I'll be your co-pilot.

I’m a Certified Independent Education Consultant in the Greater Denver/Boulder area.

My passion for college consulting began while helping my twins navigate the college admissions process. I experienced first-hand the intricacies and complexities of college admissions, as well as the emotional stress for both parents and students that often accompanies planning for higher education. 

In the process, I learned that, while incredibly overwhelming, the ascent to higher education is also highly rewarding. 

Britt has been a wonderful resource for our family and specifically our teen twins. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and patient with our family. Her work is extremely professional, thorough, and complete...and she comes to your home! HIGHLY RECOMMEND her work. We are so grateful for her guidance and encouragement in this part of our family’s journey.

Minnie Piffarerio

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Having up-to-date information is especially important right now as we are just starting to see the impact on university admissions, campus visits, and application deadlines. College Ascent will help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.   

As soon as 9th grade you can begin to manage your curriculum, find enrichment opportunities, and start to create a plan to best position yourself for your future application process. By junior year, you will be ready to build a college list and explore your post-secondary options in detail.

Unless you are applying into a specialty field, most schools do not require you to declare a major before second semester sophomore year. If you don’t quite know yet what you want to study, I recommend looking at schools with extensive core requirements which gives you the opportunity to explore your interests while building credits.

Success stories

Britt Steiner displays a passion for guiding, supervising and counseling young people through the college selection and admission process. She provided patient and strategic guidance in helping Adam narrow his top school choices and highlight his personal strengths and qualities on both college and scholarship applications. Britt's wise counsel at many points in the process made a material difference, resulting in Adam receiving approximately $300,000 in scholarship offers. We couldn't have done it without her!
As a family, we've been so grateful to Britt for helping us with college planning for our youngest son. Her extraordinary organizational skills, chunking of tasks, probing questions asked about his dreams and desires, and her diligence in the small things made the journey to find the perfect college fit for our son a true joy! Getting into college is no joke these days. If you need someone to help you navigate the in's and out's of testing dates, applications, deadlines, scholarships and more, we cannot possibly recommend any other person for the job!
Jody & Lexi
I really appreciate her time and effort. She walked with me through a hard process, making it seem doable. In doing so, Mrs. Steiner helped to seal my admittance into my top school!

Recent Acceptances

Average merit scholarship = $120,000


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